Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fifth Grader "B"

B, a 5th grader in the Bronx, was playing tag with his friends at recess in March 2012; another little boy was chasing him and knocked into him, causing B to accidentally bump into his friend, who fell and hit her head against a wall.

A lunch aide promptly pulled B across the school yard and told him he was responsible for the girl's injuries. When he went to the guidance counselor, he tried to explain that it was an accident, but she said, "No, you pushed her on purpose." Despite the fact that a number of the children who witnessed the incident also said that it was an accident, B was suspended and charged with pushing the girl, causing her head to hit the wall. Not only did the school suspend him, but they also gave him detention AND excluded him from his extracurricular math tutoring (before the suspension hearing even took place). 

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