Friday, May 25, 2012

Eighth Grader Martin

Martin is an eighth grade student at IS 125 in the Bronx.  Recently Martin's principal stopped him in the stairwell and asked him to hand over the headphones around his neck and also his sweatshirt. Martin's school has a policy that electronics and hooded sweatshirts are not permitted.  Even though Martin did not have his hood up and had put on his sweatshirt because he was cold, he was in violation of the policy. Martin asked if he could call his mother because he was worried he would get in trouble for coming home without his things.  As Martin and the principal walked to the SAVE room to use the phone, the principal said something that irritated Martin, and when Martin tried to walk away the principal physically stopped him and held Martin against the hallway doors.  The principal did not ask the crisis intervention teacher to assist him even though she was right there in the hallway when the incident took place.  Martin was upset with the principal, but went with the teacher a security guard to the SAVE room.  He was calming down when the principal came into the SAVE room himself, escalating the situation again.  Martin wanted to leave the SAVE room but the principal blocked the door.  Martin brushed past him and left.  The school requested a 60-day extended Superintendent's suspension for Martin for failing to give the principal his sweatshirt and headphones, and for threatening and pushing past the principal. 

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